Cruzan Rum Distillery

Tour the facilities, Great House, and old sugar mill of the Cruzan Rum Distillery….

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Cruzan Rum Distillery: 3A Estate Diamond, Estate Diamond, 840
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The production of rum has been a part of St. Croix history since colonial times. Today, it continues to thrive at the Cruzan Rum Factory. Tour the facilities, including the Great House and old sugar mill, and taste why Cruzan Rum is one of the world’s most honored rums.On his second trip to the western world in 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered St. Croix. Over the centuries, the island was controlled by Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, the Knights of Malta, Denmark and finally the United States.There were 165 windmills grinding sugar on St. Croix in the early days. And thanks to sugar production, St. Croix became one of the richest places in the world. Molasses – a byproduct of sugar – was a key ingredient in the rum produced on the island. The native St. Croix islanders are called “Crucians” – and the Cruzan name comes from that.In the early days, the rum was made using pot stills. Today Cruzan uses a five-column distillation process that removes impurities and creates the clean, smooth, mellow, full-bodied taste that sets Cruzan apart.We were the first to come out with the flavored rums, which were such a big success that our competitors tried to follow suit. They were not as successful – and the reason is that Cruzan Flavored Rums are exceptionally smooth and refreshing, popular among bartenders around the world who love the many choices.The Nelthropp family has made rum for centuries, and we hope to continue well into the future. We enjoy producing our premium rum, and find the work we do very rewarding.

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